I hated redoing my budget every 2 months or so. So years ago (in 2010) I decided to make a budget sheet on excel where I wouldn’t have to change things every time I redid my budget. I wanted it to be the budget to end all budgets.

I also decided, if I’m going to be putting in all this work to make this thing awesome, I might as well be trying to make it so that others could use it as well!


  • Your money at a glance
  • FREE
  • No nonsense budgeting
  • Plan ahead for big expenses
  • View how your money will grow even over the next year!
  • See if you have money at the end of the month

The reason I decided to call it Survive is because budgeting is the first step to financially “making it”. 

To Download, just click the download link below!

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